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Tree Wise Men is a professional tree care business that provides plant and tree health care services to the residents of Janesville, WI. With a team of highly experienced ISA-certified arborists, they ensure that trees and plants receive the best possible care, keeping them healthy and vibrant for many years to come.

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Why Is My Tree Looking Sick?

If your tree is presenting abnormal discoloration, cracks or splits in the trunk or branches, and excessive amount of falling leaves out of season, it might be having health problems.

Trees can become sick for various reasons, such as insect infestations or environmental stressors. Using the latest diagnostic tools and techniques, our arborists at Tree Wise Men can accurately identify the underlying cause of the problem and develop a customized treatment plan to address it.

Restoring Your Tree’s Health

At Tree Wise Men, we aim to improve and maintain your trees’ health by trimming, pruning, fertilization, disease treatment, and maintenance.

In some cases, injectable treatments may be necessary to restore the health of a tree. We are well-equipped to provide such treatments using the latest techniques and equipment and the expertise of our ISA-certified arborists. With a range of injectable treatments, such as fungicides, insecticides, and growth regulators, we address the specific needs of each tree. These treatments are highly effective and can help restore the health of a tree without causing any harm to the surrounding environment.

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