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Why you should only hire an isa certified tree removal company

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Why Do Tree Removal Companies Need to Be Licensed?


Tree removal companies are required by law to be licensed to operate. This requirement is in place to protect public safety and ensure that tree removal services are performed in a professional and safe manner. In Wisconsin, tree removal companies must obtain a license from the state’s Department of Natural Resources, which ensures that the company meets certain standards and regulations. In addition to licensing, it’s also essential for tree removal companies to carry insurance coverage, which protects both the company and its customers in the event of an accident or damage.


The Licensing Process for Tree Removal Companies


Obtaining a license to operate a tree removal company is a multi-step process that involves meeting certain requirements and passing inspections. Requirements for obtaining a license vary by state, but typically include proof of insurance, meeting certain safety standards, and passing a background check. Once a company is licensed, it must also adhere to ongoing responsibilities, such as regular safety inspections and maintaining insurance coverage.


The Process for Obtaining ISA Certification


In addition to licensing, tree removal companies can also obtain ISA certification, which is a professional certification for arborists. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) offers certifications for arborists , which are individuals who specialize in the care and maintenance of trees. To obtain ISA certification, an arborist must pass a comprehensive exam, demonstrate their experience and knowledge in the field, and adhere to a code of ethics.


The Importance of ISA Certification


ISA certification is an important marker of professionalism and quality in the tree removal industry. Certified arborists have the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively manage trees of all types and sizes. They are committed to maintaining high standards of safety, ethics, and environmental responsibility. Hiring an ISA certified tree removal company ensures that your trees are in the hands of professionals who have the expertise to manage them properly without causing damage or harm to the surroundings. Tree Wise Men always has an ISA certified arborist on site, on all jobs!


Benefits of Hiring a Licensed and ISA Certified Tree Removal Company


The benefits of hiring a licensed and ISA certified tree removal company are numerous. These companies provide professional and quality services that are safe, efficient, and effective. They also adhere to industry standards and regulations, which helps to protect your property and the public. Furthermore, licensed and ISA certified tree removal companies provide peace of mind for customers, who can trust that their trees are in good hands.



In conclusion, the importance of licensing and certification for tree removal companies cannot be overstated. By choosing a licensed and ISA certified tree removal company, you can ensure the safety of your property and the public, and receive professional and quality services. So, before you hire a tree removal company, be sure to verify their licensing and certification to protect your property and the public. And be sure to have a good idea of when you should have a tree removed!


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