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Tree Wise Men LLC are your tree experts for Whitewater, WI. Our professionals know and love trees. We provide all types of tree services from risk assessment to tree removal and stump removal. We can complete the entire job and make sure to preserve your property in the process.

Just looking for tree trimming and tree pruning? We can do that as well. We will not only leave your property looking beautiful when we finish, we clean everything up. The only way you would know we were there is by your improved curb appeal!

Why should you use a professional to prune or trim your trees?

Over time trees will have overgrown branches and build up dead plant material. Not only is this un-sitely but, it can attract unwanted pests and disease. Tree trimming and tree pruning can help maintain healthy growth of your trees and ensure that they flourish. Tree Wise Men are certified arborists and know the right cuts to make when trimming your trees. This ensures that the tree will repair itself and prevent disease.

Here at Tree Wise Men we love trees so, its especially exciting to work in a community like Whitewater that has some tree history!

When you are in Whitewater you can’t miss this beautiful Oak tree! On the northwest corner of Main and Franklin Streets you will find a Bur Oak tree that is a Local Landmark. This Territorial Oak tree is one of two that were planted in the 1800s . One of the trees was removed in 1923 when it was 12 inches in circumference. This remaining tree measured just 16” in circumference in the 1830s and is now over 11 feet in circumference!

Tree — Janesville, WI — Tree Wise Men LLC

Are you concerned that you tree could be sick?

The Emerald Ash Borer

Whitewater has been identified as an area that has the Emerald Ash Borer. This is an insect that is a green-metallic in color. It is wood-boring and is likely to kill local ash trees if they are left untreated. These insects are native to Asia and do not impact trees there however, locally they can be deadly. This insect has literally wiped-out millions of ash trees since the 2000’s.

Here at Tree Wisemen we can help you identify if your Ash trees have borers. Our professionals will do a risk assessment, From there our arborist can put an action plan in place to preserve your trees if possible. If preservation is not possible, we will safely remove the trees and stump. We will then asses the surrounding trees to determine if additional infestation has occurred. 

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is another fungal disease that that is carried by insects such as sap beatles. These beatles feed on open wounds of the trees. In an attempt to fight off the spread of the disease, an oak tree will plug it’s pores. This causes wilting of branches and results in oak trees dropping their leaves dramatically.

Oak Wilt is killing oak trees in all over Southern Wisconsin in towns like Whitewater. However, unlike the Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt is 100 percent treatable. If you suspect you may have Oak Wilt, call your experts at Tree Wise Men and we will assess the situation and do everything we can to save your trees!

Oak Wilt

Don’t just trust anyone! Trust the qualified professionals at Tree Wise Men for all of you tree removaltree trimming, tree prunning and stump grinding needs in Whitewater, Wi and surrounding areas. 

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