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torm Damage Tree Preservation — Janesville, WI — Tree Wise Men LLC

In the hardwood forest of customer reviews, Tree Wise Men recently received a glowing review from a satisfied Janesville, WI customer. It is with great joy that we share this positive experience, as it exemplifies what our professionals strive for daily.

Review by Dennis Miland

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

We have 2 beautiful / full hardwood maple trees in the front of our business. A couple days earlier than a predicted storm was to hit, I noticed a large branch on the lower end of the trunk with a huge split going down it, with at least a 2-3 inch separation at the top of split. I called Tree Wise Men LLC for a quick quote, not believing it could even be saved. I called other tree Companies for quotes too but, Tree Wise Men LLC was the only one to offer a quote that would save the tree. The others only quoted to completely remove. The crew showed up the very next day due to the oncoming storm due in by nightfall that day. The crew chief was very informative as to how they were going to tackle this job. When it was all done just a couple short hours later, I could hardly believe my eyes. What was once a solid mass of leaves and branches was transformed into a light and airy symmetrical tree. The huge wounded branch was strategically strapped w/heavy duty cabling with a mere inch of separation now at the top of the split. The yard was completely cleared of any debris, just as it appeared prior to them arriving. Thanks Tree Wise Men LLC for a job well done!

As professional arborists if we can save a tree that is our first choice! Many other tree service companies may be quick to take down that tree however, trees are our passion, and we choose to save them if we can! Whether a tree be damaged from a storm or suffering from an ailment, bringing that tree to a healthy state is our goal! The above review is an example of a review from a customer that had a storm damaged tree in front of their Janesville, WI business. We could have easily removed this tree and collected a larger payout however; we had the opportunity to save it and the results were beautiful! Thanks Dennis for recognizing our efforts!

In times of crisis, the wisdom of the Tree Wise Men transcends product and service reviews, offering guidance in the face of adversity. The review of the emergency tree- service illustrates our deep-rooted commitment to preserving nature and heritage, even during challenging circumstances. At Tree Wise Men, we offered a lifeline and put the customer and their tree first at a very crucial time. Solving the immediate problem is clearly important, but having care and respect for the tree, property and the customer is priority.

When it comes to reviews, we value the opinions of our customers. We have hundred of reviews that offer insight into the character of our staff and the expertise that they provide in every situation. Check out this review and others on our Google Business Profile

We are proud of the work that we have completed, our commitment to satisfaction and our overall customer loyalty. We hope that our reviews give you some insight as to what you can expect your experience to be like and assures you that we are your team!

While we hope to be your emergency service team, we also specialize in tree services that are not so urgent. At Tree Wise Men, we provide expert evaluations of your tree situation from health assessments, trimming and pruning to removal and stump grinding. Call Tree Wise Men (608) 751-4171 for a free estimate!

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